Case Study

Carl Navè - Tailored Suits


From Ordinary To Exceptional

After analysing Carl Navè’s existing digital platform, The Natives, redeveloped his digital presence to reflect the sophistication and uniqueness of his service and product. Now, Carl Navè has a distinguished style that attracts his key demographic and in return continues to increase revenue. Whilst working with us, Carl Navè’s digital presence has transformed from ordinary to exceptional, defective to functioning.

Carl Navè is a Melbourne based bespoke tailor that offers a unique made-to-measure experience. Combining the art of bespoke with fashion design and textile expertise. His immaculate designs deserved an aristocratic digital presence.


The Challenge

Our first task was identifying how we can consolidate Carl Navè and differentiate his unique services from competitors. After careful consideration and extensive research, we identified the key demographic and refurbished his website accordingly to include his services and an online e-commerce store.


Solution & Results

We implemented an ongoing digital marketing strategy, high resolution photography and leveraged our consumers online behaviour to our intended objective. We installed an immaculate, sophisticated and reflective digital presence that would target the key demographic successfully. Whilst working with us, Carl Navè was able to target his optimal consumer, distinguish his premium service from competitors, implement an online ecommerce store, improve his overall business functionality and increase sales.  


From Start To Finish

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