A new niche jobs and media platform built for
construction & engineering.

Conecta Jobs
A new niche jobs and media platform built for<br />
construction & engineering.

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- eCommerce
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Conecta came to us in 2018 with a bold vision of changing up how people find and be found for construction and engineering jobs.

The industry was plagued with recruiters charging exorbitant fees for job placements during the boom and hadn’t changed much in the downturn as well as inaccurate job descriptions.

Introducing a dedicated job and media platform built for the construction and engineering industry.

The Challenge.

Targeting the construction industry to shift their job searching patterns away from Seek and LinkedIn, we needed to create a platform that was easy for the audience to use and provided a reason for them to create a profile as well as keep coming back even if they were not currently in the job market.

Solution & Results.

After extensive research, user-testing and many iterations, the platform was launched in early 2019. We focused on key points that were uncovered during the early stages:

• Given that most candidates already have a CV or a LinkedIn profile, we wanted to make it easy for them by having a streamlined signup process that allows them to add their CV which in turn is parsed and autocompletes their profile.

• Employers put high regard on the projects that candidates work on, so we bought the projects into the platform similar to a design portfolio. Candidates could visually add projects they have worked on.

• We wanted to completely remove recruiters from the process so candidates could directly communicate with the hiring companies through an easy to use messaging platform.

• Transparency was high on our list from candidate feedback, so we created a kanban style job application board where candidates could see at what stage they were at any time throughout the process and see all applications in once spot.

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