Creating a new bookkeeping & accounting model
for freelancers and soletraders.

Just Done Virtual Accounting
Creating a new bookkeeping & accounting model<br />
for freelancers and soletraders.

- Proof Of Concept
- Brand Identity
- User Experience
- App Development
- Social Media
- Paid Campaigns

Whilst working with us and seeing capabilities, an existing client of two years, Your Business Angels, re-engaged The Natives for a digital transformation. Whilst their previous business focused on face-to-face accounting, they sought to create a scalable digital solution with a brand new product and brand – Just Done.

Just Done is the answer to bookkeeping and accounting for Australian small business. No more bank account reconciliations, no more worrying about what you can claim. Just connect your bank account and get your monthly bookkeeping, BAS, personal tax just done for $79 per month.

The Challenge.

Our key first task was to develop a business and marketing strategy that would see the business succeed. With so many online accounting solutions in the market, it was important to distinguish Just Done’s features from the likes of its competitors; namely the fact that you have a dedicated, online accountant.

In doing so, we also conducted considerable testing to identify the optimal audience for Just Done.

Solution & Results.

After extensive research, user-testing and iterations The Natives developed and built the product, including the web applications and branding. We are now in process of taking it to market with 300 people currently in BETA testing. Initial feedback shows a positive outlook, with evaluations confirming that Just Done satisfies a hole in the current market’s accounting offering.

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