Reinvigorating a 20-year old customer favourite.

The Groove Train
Reinvigorating a 20-year old customer favourite.

- User Experience
- Design & Brand
- Customer Loyalty
- Email Marketing
- Growth

The Natives partnered with The Groove Train in January 2018 and consolidated three separate agencies to become their lead digital and creative agency.

Looking after all aspects of The Groove Train’s brand and digital we set in place a plan to audit and prioritise our efforts across all aspects of their business culminating in the launch of their new website and revamped customer loyalty system.

The Challenge.

Having had three different agencies previously, marketing campaigns had been fragmented with no clear visibility over what was working and what was not. After completing the audits we established that reducing the cost per booking, growing the Groove Club membership database and increasing visibility over a customers lifetime journey were key goals.

Solution & Results.

We tackled the challenge by first targeting the low hanging fruit to improve messaging across social media, content and email marketing which carrying out research on what the Groove Club members habits, wants and needs were to inform the purpose of the revamped Groove Club membership. At the same time producing better POS, food and lifestyle photography as well as creative across the board.

To increase traffic and reduce booking costs we created an SEO and PPC strategy that supported both the local restaurants as well as the National brand seeing an average of a 12% increase in traffic year on year as well as on average 16% increase in bookings year on year.

The new website was designed to allow local restaurants to have more control over how they promoted themselves as well as reducing the amount of clicks required to make a booking as well as letting customers favourite locations to allow for faster return bookings.

The new customer loyalty system allows customers to earn points at anytime they visit a restaurant instead of only on the downtime and unlocks personalised benefits. We did away with the troublesome plastic loyalty cards and switched to digital loyalty cards that could be stored on Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Stocard providing higher visibility and information on each customer as well as reducing the costs to run the membership program overall.

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