Email Marketing & CRM

Email Marketing & CRM

Working with us in this wild world online, you’ll be prepared with a marketing strategy that uses data and email to create sales or enquiries. We help businesses manage customer contact at scale through email marketing and CRM integration. Email and CRM integration is an essential step in planning business strategy and creating customer behaviour through relevant email prompts or data collection points. We can help future-proof your business with a smart set-up for email marketing and CRM, or audit your existing solution to incorporate into a new design.

Managing data, creating automation

As experts with +6 years experience designing and developing digital platforms… we are familiar with the best (and the worst) tools, in email marketing and CRM. During The Natives™ Discovery Workshop, we’ll do an audit of your current framework and suggest technical improvements, automation, and marketing opportunities.

Emails customers actually open

To break through the inbox we help clients take control of email, with email marketing templates and campaign strategies which provide better content and a more persuasive design.

An easy to manage CRM

The goal of managing customer data is to make it easy-to-access and actionable. We’ll suggest best-practice when it comes to collecting information, helping you structure data in a way that’s meaningful to your business.

CRM Integration

If you’re already set up with an email marketing solution and CRM, we can integrate what you’re currently using. Using your existing architecture can save time and money, allowing for easy integration with your new digital environment.

All your customer data

Imagine managing all your customer data in one place — automating sales based on relevant timing and events in your customer’s life? Well, a CRM and integrated email marketing is the first step there. Take that step with The Natives™.