Has your team ever had a really productive meeting and come up with a fantastic idea, only to lose traction and still be at the same stage months later? Often, great ideas miss out because the development and design process is hindered by a breakdown in communication or logistical workplace issues.

SprintSpace™ is a way to cut through the endless debate and testing process, and to condense what can be months of discussion into just five days of efficient, streamlined work. At the end of your time in the SprintSpace™ your team will have a finished product that is ready to put into practice.

Join our user experience (UX) experts in an intensive, five day workshop that takes your team from the concept stage through to a user-tested, high fidelity prototype.



Solve The Big Problems

Join us in our strategy war room where we’ll capture every decision and build momentum. Or, if you’re more comfortable at your office we’ll come to you.


How It Works

Day One

Let’s set a course for the sprint week. Set a goal for the week, map out the challenge and hear from our team to share advice and knowledge. By the end of today you’ll have a clear target and a problem to solve in one week.

Day Two

Today is all about solutions. Get inspiration, revisit existing ideas, devise a storyboard, sketch out variations, and start recruiting customers who fit your target profile.

Day Three

Halfway through and you have a lot of solutions. Now we start to critique and cull. By the afternoon we’ll be taking winning ideas and developing a step-by-step storyboard plan for your prototype.

Day Four

Today is the day to divide and conquer, where your whole team works on developing a realistic prototype – whether that’s an app interface, a signup form or something more complex.

Day Five

Put your prototype to the test with customer interviews. Gain opportunities to understand your users’ needs and gather invaluable feedback to hone your product.


Where To Next?

With the product prototyped and tested, we can then move onto refinement and development. We produce a scope, plan, timeline and costings required to get to market.

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