UX and Product Design

UX & Product design

To be naturally successful with a digital product, you first need to test, validate and refine your user experience with customers. The Natives™ bring award-winning UX and design, customer research, and digital strategy to strategically place products within your customer’s environment. Creating digital products from SaaS to Subscription-based content, equal parts beauty and function. Use UX & UI design, Prototyping and User Testing to get your digital product ready for market, primed to get wild results.

Research & Discovery

To build successful products, we give them a strong foundation of research during The Natives™ Discovery Workshop. Competitor analysis, customer persona development, and surveys with users both current and prospective will help us hone in on what your product should look like.

Bring your product to life

Shape a product feels naturally beautiful to users through UX and UI design. UX design allows you to design a digital experience customers will actually convert on. We use UI Design to visualise your product, creating a design system that allows you room to grow your concept, and add in new features.

Wireframe Prototyping

Wireframes are a framework that let us analyse, and refine the concept across multiple iterations. Whether this be laying out your app, or building key screens for a new digital product. Depending on the size and complexity of the product, we test user flows through rounds of testing and feedback.

User Testing

It’s time to get your design in front of your customer’s eyes. We’ll get feedback from your users to ensure that your product design’s first impression is a good one, and that the user journey is a cohesive experience from start to finish.

Real Pixel Prototype

We create a clickable prototype, which can be experienced via mobile or desktop, looking exactly like the real thing. Using tools like Marvel, we’ll present your product as it will look and function once completed, so there are no surprises come launch.

Cost-effective development

With larger and more complex projects we recommend a specialised development production agency to work with. Reducing time and costs to develop your application or digital product. Once we’ve got a tangible product to work with, we’ll refine the design and overall strategy until we’re ready to launch.