3 Ways to Lift Your Creative

3 Ways to lift your creative

So you’ve got your strategists, copywriters and designers. You’ve got your team turning data and analytics into great creative. But could your creative be engaging a larger audience through your digital channels? Here, we’ll discuss how to lift your creative, so that you’re getting even more clicks, shares and conversions in 2019.


If you’re not using video as part of your marketing strategy, then we have news for you. Businesses who use video get 66% more leads per year. And that’s not all. Businesses who use video increase brand awareness by 54%. Why? Because customers prefer watching videos to reading about offerings. Video helps audiences get your product better and make the next step along their buyers journey. Not only does video engage more internet users, it helps to part the chaff from the grain. Video decreases direct enquiries about your offerings, giving you not just more leads, but more qualified leads.

Types of video

There are different types of videos for each stage of your marketing funnel. First there’s the explainer video, which gives a run down about your product or services. You could have one or several, depending on how complex your product or service is. It usually appears on your home page or landing page, front and centre, above the fold. Next there are vlogs and video interviews, which keep audiences engaged. Then there are also video testimonials and reviews, which can appear on your website or be shared via blogs and social channels

User-generated content (UGC)

It’s no surprise that 64% of customers will search for reviews before committing to purchase. What does that mean for your creative? You’ll need “real” voices and images, submitted by users, to make your marketing feel more authentic. Use UGC to build trust in your brand. That doesn’t mean writing off your wordsmiths and designers, you’ll still need engaging stories and designs to lure in that user-generated creative.

Types of UGC

User-generated content offers audiences a chance to connect with your brand. So, a UGC campaign could come in the form of competitions, where users share their experiences with your product or brand. UGC can come in the form of photos, blogs or videos. Put your creative to work on building your UGC campaigns.


Just last year, Hubspot revealed their top 17 explainer videos of all time. 71% were animated. Animation, whether applied to your explainer videos or advertising, is one of the most engaging forms of creative. In explainer videos, animation helps simplify complex topics. When it comes to advertising, animation can get an emotional response from your audience, leaving a lasting impression. In particular, animation is linked to childhood, and the strong emotion of nostalgia. Today, audiences want to connect with your brand, and animation lets them do just that.

Types of Animation

Animation is so flexible, almost any brand can wield its power. 2D or 3D animations can also be a cost-effective alternative to shooting live. Animation for advertising has clear pros on social channels, where both algorithms and users alike tend to prefer the moving image. Introducing animation to your content puts your storytellers and designers to good use. It will also give your creative the lift it needs, getting you more leads in 2019.

Before you go, here are three strategic ideas to think about:

1. If your business is built around a product, follow up with a customer between 7-14 days of purchase. Ask if they’re interested in giving a testimonial.
2. If you hold an offline event, be sure to capture content of your product or service in action.
3. If you’re producing lots of awesome content, don’t forget to store, label and organise it correctly for when you need it (massive time saver).

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