Introduction to Amazon Marketing Services

amazon marketing services

In this blog, we’ll show you the A-Z of Amazon marketing services (AMS) in simplified, easy-to-understand terms. With this knowledge, you’ll have the basics on how to boost sales, beat competitors and stay ahead of the curve now that Amazon has hit Australian shores. Read on to get your foundation on Amazon marketing services.

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1: Pick your products

A successful strategy for selling on Amazon starts with products. Research shows that some products are destined to do better than others and that certain retail strategies will help you sell. For example, the more products you have on Amazon, the more sales you’ll make– thus, all retailers should prioritise selling more products rather than perfecting a single product. Other factors like choosing manufacturers closer to your country of sale, and getting more products from that manufacturer will also go a long way to boosting your returns.

2: Research

All marketers know how important research is to a successful strategy, which is why it’s so important to recruit professionals to help you with this stage. Your research should include what keywords are searched the most for your line of products, what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it. Keep in mind that Amazon keyword research is going to differ from Google keyword research, because Amazon has a “vertical” search engine that doesn’t need to take into account buyer or seller intent.

3: Package it right

Just as you would wrap your product in beautiful eye-catching packaging to help it sell on the shelf, so too will you need to present a tantalising product on Amazon. Presentation has three crucial parts. Firstly, successful Amazon marketing requires clear crisp images created by professionals. Secondly, titles are all important, not just to rope your buyers in, but for search engine optimisation (SEO). And thirdly, you’re going to need copywriting that converts, just like traditional advertising does.

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4: Optimise

Optimising your product listings is a complex process, but essentially optimisation involves a marriage between search results and a perfect order. The concept of a perfect order is simple. If there are any hiccups along the way, even just an email from your buyer, Amazon will take note of this and consider the order imperfect.

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5: Get a brand strategy

One you’ve got your product listings optimised through amazing visuals, high search engine rankings and a seamless track record of orders, it’s time to take your Amazon marketing strategy to the next level with branding and increasing customer dedication to your business. Consult with your digital marketing agency on developing your unique brand strategy on Amazon Marketing Services.

6: Get reviews

In the digital world, reviews cannot be underestimated, and the same goes for retail through Amazon. Amazon has very cleverly banned incentivised reviews, meaning that vendors can’t offer promotions to people to review their products. Instead, you’ll be looking at generating rave reviews through a seamless buyer’s journey and strategically place prompts.

Don’t let the Amazon monster swallow your business. Give The Natives a call to discuss survival in the Amazon-age.

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