Facebook’s New Tool For Influencer Marketing

Facebook’s New Tool For Influencer Marketing

Where would we be if it wasn’t for leaks on Facebook developments?

Aside from wondering what ol’ Zuckerberg’s getting up, we’d probably be ill-prepared for what’s about to happen next – Facebook’s Branded Content Matching search engine. Leaked screenshots of this soon-to-be-released influencer marketing tool were first published in German by Specifically designed to aid and abet influencer marketing, we anticipate the tool will shake up sponsored content as we know it.

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Facebook’s latest gem

Marketers may still be reeling after last year’s changes to Facebook algorithms, which prioritised content by family and friends and hitched up the price of sponsored content. But the latest developments down in Zuckerberg-land seem to show that Facebook isn’t waging war against marketers after all. The new influencer marketing tool, designed to help marketers find and connect with influencers, is a gift sent from above for those of us working in social media marketing. Looking at them collectively, Facebook’s continuing changes to its sponsored content aim to help marketers reach their audiences in authentic ways, while also making advertising more entertaining and relevant to users on the other end — and we’re not complaining about that!

Relationship status
Education history
Life events
Home ownership status and home type

The results page shows each influencer’s match percentage to the search term and other stats on how this influencer engages their audience, such as the percentage of their followers they reach, the engagement rate, follower count and videos viewed.

Marketers and brands can then connect with their chosen influencer and arrange a deal outside of the purview of Facebook. This means that the tool will be free, at least initially, until Facebook eventually rolls out its intent to take a cut of the influencer’s advertising revenue.

What it all means for marketers

Facebook’s latest influencer marketing tool brings nothing but great news for the people behind brands. Influencers, aka ‘content creators’, already have an existing and very trusting relationship with their fans, a coveted relationship that brands love to tap into. These content creators have spent years speaking to their audiences and perfecting the types of content their audiences love to see. Influencers have spent so much time with these audiences that they know them more intimately than even brands do. What’s not to love about Facebook’s new influencer marketing tool?

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