What Is UX & How To Do It With Style

What is Ux How to do it with style

Wake up and smell the roses, marketers. Did you know that 4 out of 5 users will flick away from your site if it’s not up to scratch? There’s no question that user experience, aka UX, is important, but the question is why, and how does one partake in the amazing business of UX design? Read on for the low-down on this marketing essential.

Understanding UX

The aim of the game with UX design is to assist the audience to do what they want to do, whether that’s find your product, browse it, compare it, buy or review it. Optimising your website or app for UX involves cutting out a buyer’s journey, understanding the steps on that journey, and creating content and design functions to support the user on this journey. UX is about turning your buyer’s journey into a 1st class ride.

Get Inside Your Audience’s Head

We’ve said it time and time again, but the importance of target audience research should not be underestimated. The user needs to be able to do these things with ease and grace through a seamless design that’s optimised for usability. Get into your audience’s head to find out what they need and give them what they want. Put yourself in their shoes. What is their ideal path to purchase? Where would they click next? These considerations will guide you to creating great UX.

Recruit Your Developers

Although UX is usually discussed in terms of design, the whole marketing team should be on board with creating good UX. This means getting your developers on board from the very beginning, as well as the rest of the marketers. Experiment with different wireframing to best suit your unique audience’s needs, and create content that will explain, guide and assist.

Be Mobile & Responsive

Indispensable to your UX: mobile responsive sites. Mobile time actually makes up more than half of the time spent on digital media, and users click away from unresponsive sites. Of course, while mobile time fills up the outset of the customer journey, most people finalise purchases on their desktops, meaning you will need a multi-platform strategy as part of your UX.

Analyse, Measure, Test

As with any other marketing strategy, your UX will have to be analysed and measured while your methods are tested. One strategy is to conduct regular audits of your site, using visitor data to analyse what converts users and what causes them to click away. Experiment with different site structures and design principles and go with what works best, making necessary tweaks as you gain more data.

Make It Pretty

You could implement all the tips we’ve listed so far, or you could throw them all out and just make your site beautiful. Research shows that people think websites work better if they’re pretty, even when they don’t! Obviously, you’ve got greater chances of converting people with both good UX and a beautiful site, so don’t necessarily forego the one for the other.

Design Smartly

The essential building blocks of UX design are simplicity and consistency. Where complex flashy designs distract the eye and confuse the poor user, simple designs keep them focused on their desired task. Similarly, consistency reduces the strain on the user’s memory as they traverse your website, with buttons and menus reappearing in the same position on each page. With clever UX design, you’ll transport your user along their buyer’s journey in a luxury limousine.

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