4 Steps To Defining Your Facebook Target Audiences

Defining your facebook target audiences

Facebook’s ability to segment and target audiences is the secret weapon in any marketer-magician’s arsenal. But only with correct usage will you see your engagement and leads flourish. So how does one optimise Facebook target audiences? Through taking a series of steps to define your target market. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1 – Get Into Your Audience’s Head

You need to ask yourself as many questions as you can about your target audience. Okay, so you’ve got their ASL worked out, but what about the rest? Are they married, what do they do for work, how much do their earn, where do they live? Where do they shop, what do they buy, are they tech savvy, what social media outlets do they use? Once you’ve determined all this you can move onto step 2..

Step 2 – Create Personas

Imagine you’re J.K. Rowling writing the next Harry Potter. Remember how richly detailed her characters were? She knew so much about them that she could predict their every move and reaction. It’s this level of detail that’s required to create your target audience personas. Once you’ve got about three key “characters” worked out, you’ll have good enough insight to get started on your content.

Step 3 – Define The Problem & Solution

Congratulations, you’re now getting to know your target audience on a more intimate level. The next step in reaching them effectively is to determine their main problem (or pain point) and how your product/service solves that issue? This will become the guiding principle in your content and your engagement with your audience. A good product/service will address a real world need, your job is to speak to the needy.

Step 4 – Test & Refine

It’s time to put your creative personas to the test by implementing them in Facebook and setting some ads. Remember to split test. Try delivering the same content to three different audiences, then see which of your predicted audiences engage and which don’t. Remember what The Natives taught you: Test, Tweak and Repeat.

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