4 Things You Should Know About NETO eCommerce Platform

4 things know neto ecommerce platform

Update: It’s been great to see Neto grow. We’ve been using this platform since its humble beginnings, and it’s still our favourite solution for ecommerce. Read the article below to find our what you didn’t know about Neto.

The search game for the right eCommerce platform for your online store is never an easy task! The fact is the more you research, the more you’ll probably get confused. But one important thing we found out is that most of eCommerce platforms had one or two things missing (like no shipping integration or didn’t integrate with MYOB etc). Most of them also wanted big upfront $$. Neto eCommerce platform is the only package we discovered that does everything for those running their business with MYOB – it also has shipping integration, eBay integration, high level inventory management and is mobile friendly. So you can see why we used it for our client Cellect.

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Here are the 4 things you should know about Neto eCommerce platform

1 – Neto was created by Australians, and their target market is Australian SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises). They have developed a solution specifically for this market. Many of Australia’s leading eBay Powersellers use Neto eCommerce solution to manage their eBay stores.

2 – Neto has a powerful and customisable system, but you’ll need to go through some training to master all the functions and capabilities. If you are only interested in a simple eCommerce store, such as an online shop shipping clothes via Australia Post), there are other options which have fewer settings and options to tinker with.

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3 – If you are serious about an eCommerce system with room to grow, or if you require advanced functionality (eg. multiple couriers, warehouses, integrations with eBay/ Facebook, etc), Neto will be the way to go!

We run multiple Neto websites which integrate with eBay. Neto manages orders from start to completion without having to go through multiple systems. You’ll no longer have to log into eBay to add products or process sales. This functionality comes with a standard package. configurable by non programmers, and no tinkering with the server — We will host it for you.

4 – Support from Neto is great, you will often get answers quickly (AND FREE!). They have extensive help guys to get you going from day 1. However this means you need to commit to some self-learning.

For a turnkey solution to ecommerce that comes with thoroughly customisable features, we stand by Neto. There’s no better way to sell and manager everything in Australia.

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