5 Steps To Creating A Stronger Landing Page And Ensuring Customer Conversion

Stronger Landing Page And Ensuring Customer Conversion

With 90% of new internet start-up businesses failing, it is clear that online marketing is integral to increasing the chances of your business’s survival rate. At the heart of digital strategy lies the landing page. It’s got to be effective in converting your customers. The trick is to use the power of persuasion through attraction, design and execution, it’s the power of three.
Consider the process when you walk into store. Firstly, what attracted you to it? Secondly, what caught your eye once inside? You were obviously intrigued and interested, but do you want to buy anything? There are three main elements that contribute to this conversion decision; does it appeal to you, is the brand trustworthy, does it provide value?…

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Keep your landing page attractive, informative, simple and accessible is the key to ticking these boxes in the digital landscape. Give your customers something that makes them want to be directed to your landing page in the first place and then persuade them to take action. Your landing page layout needs to be flawless, it should flow, it should clearly map out your value prop, it should provide validation and most importantly, it should convert your customers. Here are 5 steps to creating a strong landing page…


It is imperative to attract the attention of possible customers, either with an ad or an EDM. Once the visitor arrives on your landing page it’s the page’s job to to maintain their attention. Now you have them, you have to keep them. Did you have a funny slogan on an ad, great, now, give them the punch line. You need to make them stop, look around and stay a while. Focus their attention on the action you are wanting them to take.


The next stage to to provide value in order to turn this ‘visitor’ into a ‘customer’. You need to create informative, simple copy that creates a strong contextual bond with your offering and the person. Content should be minimised to the integral points with obvious, natural navigations and no distractions that might make visitors want to abandon-ship. Feature the necessary, valuable information but don’t over do it, you don’t want to distract your visitor. A good landing page design maintains an attractive visual at all times while still delivering informative information in a non-intrusive way.


OK, they’re reading. The trick now is to make a connection. Appeal to them. Ensure your content is clear and informative, it should solve a pain point for your visitor so even if they’re not familiar with your brand or product, they can see value for them.


At this stage the visitor knows the proposition and what you have to offer. This is where they should be directed to a goal; whether it is sign-ups, a purchase, or requesting a call back. Identify your goal and ensure every element on your landing page is aligned to it. It should feel almost as if they have no choice but to take action. All paths lead there…


Here is where you can identify whether your landing page was a success or not. This is the final step in your campaign conversion process. Credibility will support your conversion. If your testimonial photos look inadequate or your website privacy statements seem to over the top, you’ll have a hard time convincing a potential customer to trust your service and product. The form should be simply and the CTA should be clear.

Start considering your landing pages with these 5 steps in mind. The benefit of doing so will ensure you have clear direction and know exactly how to optimise throughout each stage. Still need help? Talk to us.