7 Steps To Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile

7 Steps To Optimising Your LinkdIn Profile

Although many people view LinkedIn merely as a site for job hunters, in 2017, it’s an equally effective tool for generating new business leads and nurturing referral relationships.
From attracting new clients to establishing your brand leading authority in your niche, a LinkedIn company page is crucial. Considering LinkedIn now has over 467 million members, the importance of this social network speaks for itself.

So, how can you make it work for you and your company? Take a leaf out of our strategic LinkedIn book with the following 7 tips…

Make A Splash

It’s all in the set up. Make sure your profile is solid, up to date and has an image. The key here is to stand out amongst the millions of other profiles, so think about creative ways to illustrate what you do, why you do it and why you’re an industry leader in your field.

Sprinkle In Some Keywords

Think of it as SEO for your profile. Consider what customers or clients might be searching for then focus on adding these keywords to your headline, summary and experience sections. It will help boost your ranking in LinkedIn search results.

Add Your LinkedIn URL To Your Email Signature

Your LinkedIn profile is not just for networking, it can also act as a resume and proof of the results that your brand delivers. A prominent URL on all your email correspondence will allow you to increase your following as well as encouraging others to learn about your company.

Get Posting

Being active on LinkedIn is the key. Stats tell us that posting at least 20 updates a month will help reach around 60% of your audience. But don’t just post things willy-nilly, try to think of content that will add value for your followers. What’s topical? What’s thought-provoking? If someone leaves a comment on your post, be sure to reply. Likewise, comment on others’ content as well.

Engage With New Connections

Don’t just add/accept a new connection then drop off the face of the planet. Now it’s time to engage. Don’t go in too gung-ho, but consider replying or commenting on any posts or articles from new connections. Wherever your can, try to engage with people who are relevant to your brand and industry.

Share Video Content

In today’s oversaturated, digital age, people want to view and read things that are stimulating. You’ve only got about 2 seconds to grab someone’s attention so make it good. Videos are a great way to attract attention and increase engagement.

Check Your Analytics

By keeping an eye on your metrics you’ll have a better understanding of how to maximise your LinkedIn profile. Check what posts are performing well, what content creates a lot of comments, what time of day do your followers appear to be online? From there, you can work out what posts are going to get you more attention, and which posts you should avoid.

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