You Call Yourself A Copywriter? Why You’re Doing Your SEO All Wrong

Best SEO Content Ideas to stop doing your SEO All Wrong

You’ve got your keywords in your heading, subheads and body text. You’ve got your main keyword in your meta description and your alt text. And you’ve got your SEO wordpress plugin like Yoast. Let me guess, your SEO isn’t working? That’s because you’re not doing it right. Read on for the best SEO tips, so you don’t feel like a phoney when you call yourself a copywriter.


These days, SEO copywriting involves a broader strategy than simply sprinkling your copy with keywords (Google got smart pretty quick). As a copywriter, you’re going to have to broaden your skills to include content creation. Get the blogging juices flowing. By the same token, using blogs for SEO is not just a matter of using the keywords relevant to your business in your blogs, it involves using search queries and user problems as your article subjects.

Big Content

Let’s take an example of the technique I’ve described above. Instead of simply using your product keyword “peanut butter ice cream” in your blogs, look further afield for a predicament that many people are having and searching. Thus your article title will become “How to make homemade peanut butter ice cream that actually stays frozen”. When people search this query, you hope your blog will be the leader of results, but alas, this by no means is the end of your SEO journey. Read on…

Social Media

Unfortunately, even interesting, useful blogs are not going to be enough to boost your website’s SEO. You might just sit back and hope that eventually people will start linking to you, but if you do that, you’ll be lounging til the cows come home! You need to get more clicks to your website, and you can do this by posting your blogs to Facebook and images to Instagram, which people will then click on and share for their friends to click on. Google should start rating your site a little bit higher now.


When people use the acronym “SEO”, they think of keywords, but the real work is done when you start genuine link-building programs like outreach. Get your product out there on the world wide web so legitimate websites will link back to you and curious readers will click to your site. This content could be articles, blogs or press releases which you send to publications relevant to your industry. A good tip is to utilise one of the many tools out there that can manage your outreach emails and automate your replies. Magic. With a few articles accepted for publication, you’ll be on track to good SEO.

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