The Grove Distillery Rum Range

Crafting an Unforgettable Spirit

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In the heart of Margaret River, Western Australia, The Grove Distillery has been a pioneering force since 1995. Despite its rich history, the client sought to redefine its rum range, comprising Dark Rum, Spiced Rum, White Rum, and Coconut Rum. The goal was to establish a unique identity that would captivate consumers and elevate its presence on the shelf.

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To understand consumers needs we embarked on comprehensive consumer research, engaging rum enthusiasts across Australia. Insights garnered informed our strategy to make key information easily visible on labels, addressing what consumers truly sought when perusing the shelves.
Avoiding clichés and bucking the trend of ‘pirates’ or excessively Australian designs, our aim was to create a clean, modern design system specific to the rum range. Crucially, this system could be seamlessly extended to future spirit lines. Our strategy, coined ‘Great Australian Rum,’ seamlessly encompassed all variants, even sidestepping the technicalities surrounding White Rum and Coconut Rum. The key lay in highlighting the unique method of production – a fusion of Australian craftsmanship with traditional Caribbean methods and molasses.

We drew inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of Western Australia, aligning each rum variant with a distinct locale:
• Spiced Rum: Evoking the beauty of wind-blown red dust landscapes.
• Aged Dark Rum: Mirroring the character of rock formations shaped over eons.
• The Great White: Reflecting the rugged coast and waves that envelope Western Australia.
• Coconut Grove: Paying homage to tropical beaches, an ideal setting for enjoying Coconut Rum cocktails.
Our launch campaign unfolded with captivating landscape imagery, integrated into a bespoke cocktail list for each rum. This campaign was disseminated through a multi-channel approach encompassing social media, email, influencers, and user-generated content.
The impact was nothing short of spectacular. In the six months post-launch, rum sales tripled. Bottle stores actively shared the products on social media, marking a notable departure from the previous labels. The Grove Distillery had not only revived its rum range but had firmly positioned itself as a leader in the Australian spirits landscape.

The Grove Distillery’s journey exemplifies the power of strategic branding and design, proving that a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation can yield remarkable results.
“The Natives were a real joy. They worked collaboratively with our business, guiding us through the process and taking on board our feedback. We know have a beautifully designed and solid e-commerce website that sets the foundations to help us grow our business online.”
– Rebecca Marson – General Manager, The Grove Distillery