Veneziano Coffee Roasters

There were a latte ways we created buzz for this renowned coffee roaster.

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Addressing the painful user experience on Veneziano’s website was our first priority. We strategised opportunities to reduce friction in the online purchasing process, to target customer drop-off and increase conversion through introducing intuitive features and design functionality.

To move the needle and drive acquisition of customers, SEO became the primary marketing channel to translate optimisation into revenue. When Veneziano’s new eCommerce marketing experience launched, the conversion rate of the website quadrupled, and the custom subscription builder page incrementally grew monthly recurring revenue.

Strong reference to analytics prior to the introduction of the updated website guided the marketing strategy post-update. In addition to SEO, we introduced a revised social media strategy to heighten awareness; and consideration was supported by Google Ads to close the sales loop. The bottom line? The sales target for 2018 reached (and then some), and month-on-month sales growth between 10-20%.

We worked with Veneziano to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud for B2C customers as well as workflows and automations for the B2B Wholesale Customers.