Digital Marketing: Why Your Businesses Needs To Integrate A Marketing Strategy… Now.

marketing strategy

Nearly half of small businesses use social media (48%) but, only half of that statistic understand how to effectively use it to drive Facebook leads, traffic and increase followers. Creating constant content that is engaging can be a difficult task. Unless you’re doing it right, it’s a dead end. Audiences want more. If you want to keep them interested, content has to be new, it has to be relevant and most importantly it should be flexible. Be prepared for change and demand. So, how is your business ensuring it is optimising every lead and driving the sale? Optimising your marketing strategy is key for your business’s survival.

Here’s why your business should invest in a digital marketing strategy… now.

Don’t Get Left Behind

In a digital era it is easy to get lost in the digital playground. The digital marketing industry is forever changing and growing. This is why it has never been more important to implement an integrated marketing strategy. Invest wisely in digital marketing. Assess which digital channels are most effective at producing the highest number of leads, and sales at the most efficient cost per acquisition. It is crucial to invest in digital marketing to create SEO, content marketing and email marketing that ensure a desired result.
According to a recent study, 59% of Facebook users never read more than the headline of a Facebook post before they share or like it. We’re living in a digital era, if you’re not going digital you’re not playing the game right, you’re not even in the game.

Find Your Audience

Digital marketing allows you to target and engage with a specific target audience. The phenomena of virilisation is the most effective way of publicising your brand’s image. Digital marketing can be time consuming and costly if it is not done correctly…the first time.

Digital marketing has made it easier and more convenient to target a specific demographic and identifying the most successful one. With an integrated strategy plan your business can cover more ground in less time.

Optimise Opportunities

Implementing a developed marketing strategy is a key component to ensuring your business is optimising the opportunity of driving results. A strategy allows you to identify relevant content, prioritise your technology investments, delicate the right resources and focus your customer initiative. A business without a clear digital strategy is like planting a seed in undesirable conditions and questioning why it’s not growing? How can your business expect to achieve the best return and customer sale experience if doesn’t know who to target? Without direction, there is no objection and therefore no results. Recent studies show that 34% of businesses implement a marketing strategy, 17% say it is defined individually and 49% are not implementing any means of an integrated marketing strategy.

Save Resources And Time

Successful digital marketing takes resources and time. However, with efficiency resources can be optimised and time can be delegated efficiently with an integrated strategy plan. With a digital marketing strategy you can identify staffing requirements, one objection or goal that everyone is working towards and you can identify the key consumers. With the internet forever growing we have an infinite supply of data and information, however with all of the data available it’s impossible to manage which is applicable to your business.

A digital strategy allows businesses to focus on key performance indicators and data-collection methods. Businesses with a clear digital strategy know what to focus on and where tasks are delegated. Save time and costs by identifying resources required to achieve one objection.

Complexity Will Consume Efficiency

Digital marketing can easily become a complex process with different sections of the business creating content, managing social media accounts and gathering data to determine how to strengthen revenue. When a clear marketing strategy is abandoned and every individual has a different objection, the results will be inconsistent. This can be time consuming and costly. An integrated marketing strategy avoids any inconsistencies and will reduce over complicating a marketing process.