Drowned Out By Sleigh Bells? Optimise Your Holiday Facebook Marketing

drowned sleigh bells optimise holiday facebook marketing

Marketers, it’s time to get a leg-up over holiday season. For a start, it’s a time of big spending. Everyone’s buying gifts for their family and friends… whether they want to or not. And we all know the feeling of not knowing what to buy. Consumers need help at this time, and as digital marketers, we’re in a prime position to give it to them.

Using Facebook marketing strategies, you can drive more sales to your business at the busiest time of year. But holiday season also presents a challenge: how does one cut through the clang of content? Lucky for you, check out these optimised Facebook marketing strategies…

Use Visual Delights

When using Facebook in your social media strategy, you have to picture your content in someone’s feed. They’re being bombarded with attention-grabbing material from family, friends and other businesses so your posts are going to have to stand out. Our top advice is to 1) keep your material holiday-themed and 2) use motion. Motion (video or animated GIFs), instantly draws the eye in. Brightly coloured images can work just as well, but don’t be afraid to ramp up your GIF-use during holiday season.

Tug Those Heartstrings

A dash of sentimentality will get your posts noticed over the holidays. People have their eyes peeled for stories that make them laugh or cry. They want to share heartwarming messages with their loved-ones, because these experiences bring people together. Emotion is the marketer’s most powerful tool, so produce content that resonates with your audience, their wants, dreams and hopes.

Prompt Action

Yes, the aim of the game is more sales, but most people will need a few points of contact with your brand before they buy. Your posts are not only creating brand awareness, they should be prompting likes, comments and shares. Create engagement with your audience by producing content that is either useful or entertaining, but ideally both.

Segment Your Audiences

People who’ve interacted with your brand already; say by clicking on an ad, sharing your website links, or watching some of your videos; have shown interest in you and what you’ve got. These are the people who are most likely to engage with you again.

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Facebook has a relatively new means of targeting these people using a feature called Engagement Custom Audiences. You use the tool to select which somewhat-already-engaged people you want to put paid content in front of again. It’s a bit like taking a cookie cutter to your audience and separating the best bits.

Retarget Web Visitors

We know what you’re thinking. If only there was a way to use Facebook to reach people who’ve visited your website. The good news is, now you can.

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With Facebook’s tracking pixel you can now choose to target people based on how much time they’ve spent on your site and how many visits they’ve made.

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