The eCommerce Holiday Campaign Checklist

The eCommerce Holiday Campaign Checklist

‘Tis the season to be jolly and plan an epic marketing campaign! The Christmas holiday season is upon us yet again, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to plan an undeniably good marketing campaign and boost those festive season sales. Consider this our gift to you – check out a snapshot of our holiday campaign checklist below and download the full version here.

Analyse Last Year’s Results

Consider your holiday campaign/s from last year. What worked well? What didn’t? This information is vital to ensure you don’t make any of the same mistakes, it also allows you to capitalise on the wins.

Analyse The Competition

Was there a noticeable trend last year in your industry? What competitors really stood out? It’s time to identify what was done well, why was a campaign more eye-catching and successful than yours? Consider the use of hashtags, EDMs and social strategy. Collate the features you like and let this build the foundation of your new campaign.

Create The Campaign

Now for the fun part. Create your campaign. Once you’ve got the idea, ensure the branding across the initiative is coherent. Look to create promotions surrounding the campaign, introduce new products, create a holiday hashtag… The key here is to create plenty of hype and excitement so they simply can’t resist.

Choose Your Platforms & Get Social

Where are you reaching your customers? Is it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat? Ensure the message you convey is relevant to the channel, this may mean blog content instead of images, an alternate CTA or a new angle. Once you’ve mapped out your ideas, create a social calendar and ensure everything is scheduled, but don’t forget to be agile – something topical may come up!

Improve your Sales Funnel

Awesome. The traffic is rolling in, but are you making the most of these new visitors? Ensure your website is optimised for conversions. Here are some quick CRO things to check:
– Is your website mobile responsive?
– How long does your site take to load?
– Are you creating a sense of urgency?
– Do you have a strong customer value proposition?
– Is your checkout optimised?

Attribute Your Digital Campaigns To In-Store Purchases

It’s great to see how your holiday campaigns are performing online, but do you know how they’re attributing to in-store sales? Your digital efforts may be generating far more sales than you may think. Did you know, a recent case study conducted by Country Road outlined that every dollar spent on their Facebook marketing campaigns generated $18.20 revenue, of which $15.40 was attributed to bricks and mortar stores. Our end-to-end ad platform will ensure you can track these campaign numbers too.

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