How To Implement SEO Within Your Social Media Strategy

implement seo within social media strategy

Not considering SEO within your social media strategy? Big mistake. If you want to ensure you have a strong social strategy than you can’t ignore the search engines. It’s no secret that a good social stream is the digital holy grail for any business; it moulds the perception of a brand, carries the tone, creates appeal, and in return, increases revenue. What a lot of people forget is that social media and SEO have a strong relationship. SEO data improves social presence, and in return, social media can help with search rankings. Here’s why.

Keyword Implementations

As a business, you need to know what people are saying about your company or products. There are numerous tools that can be used to track these statistics, including monitoring tools such as, Mention or Google Alerts. To drive the best results it is important to first understand which keywords are being searched and used by your target audience. This is when SEO becomes the game changer.

It is imperative to determine the most frequently searched requests or queries that are relative to your industry. You will find that often the most relevant or effective discussions about your niche, are about the brand as a whole, as opposed to a specific product or service. It is vital to search for keywords that you want to target for organic and paid search engines. The next step is to appropriately use these findings to track social media awareness. Keep in mind that often social media success depends on making what’s ‘applicable’ to your brand. You need the right tools to determine the right audience, keywords and most engaging time.

Take one of our clients as an example. Pets Forever is a digital platform allowing users to commemorate their pet’s memory with a custom memorial page to treasure and share. With a custom build, we designed and launched the platform, attracting 5,000+ engaged followers within just 2 months. From here we could identify the most engaged time as well as key audience demographics to better distribute our keyword-rich content for stronger organic reach.

Competitor Research & Analysis

Don’t waste unnecessary time and funds generating large-scale strategy every single time. Sometimes brands can create an amazing campaign without needing to reinvent the wheel; look to use what’s already out there but shine the spotlight on your own business instead.

Doing your research and knowing what your competitors are doing can actually provide you with the competitive edge you need for your business. If you’re not analysing your competitors efforts and tracking their key performance metrics than you better sleep with one eye open.

These statistics are a must-have to ensure successful action. Identify your direct competitors and monitor regularly; evaluate their social strategy and their content. You don’t always need to have all of the ‘best’ ideas, you just need to be able to implement the most applicable and effective ones for your brand’s image. The more competitor insights you obtain on your industry leaders, the more likely you are to improve your brand’s online visibility.

Predict & Implement

Google, our old friend, is making a lot of new changes. So much data is now available to marketers through a variety of channels: Google Trends,Google Insights for Search and other search tools such as, the Wonder Wheel. Identify the most popular topics that are trending at the time and direct the spotlight on your brand.

For example, if you have an online store selling custom bedding and the celebration of 40 years since Star Wars was first released, then you could look to present designs that are relevant to the current trend. Determine how to present your designs, service or business in a more attention-grabbing manner. Keep tabs on which topics or queries are most popular at varied times and modify your social media strategy based off society’s ever-changing trends. If your business is not on top of the trends than you can’t be on top of your industry.

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