The Important Link Between Visual Content & Your Brand

The important link between visual content your brand

The race to be the strongest voice in the digital marketing playground has never been so competitive. The importance of linking your brand to visual content is vital in the overindulging digital sphere but how do you make sure your brand is the one your target audience is attracted to? Visuals.

They play an integral part. A successful business strategy will prioritise its visual content; because copywriting is merely half the package that attracts your audience. Your audience needs to be led to your brand and bold, branded graphics that are original, attractive and relevant are a huge component of this strategy. Here are the key points to keep in mind when shaping your visual content.

Visual Obedience

Why is the link between visual content and the success of a brand so important? Well, first of all, we eat with our eyes and the same applies to digesting information. Our brain comprehends images ten times faster than any other information, including text. Our eyes are trained to look for content that engages us. Therefore, if you’re not creating interesting visual elements as part of your content strategy, you’re missing the mark. Whether it is Facebook advertising, blog content or simply social posts, your number one aim should be to engage visually first and foremost.

Invest Wisely

According to a Digiday and Chute survey, approximately one third of marketing budgets are spent on visual marketing; a 25% increase since 2014. From in-house designers to creative agencies, when it comes to visuals, don’t be afraid to invest. Like the old saying goes, the more you put in, the more you get out. Ensure every piece of visual content is well strategised, developed and refined for maximum impact.

The Originals

The quality of your brands’ visual content is vital to its survival. As always, quality remains far more important than quantity. While creating original visual content might be time consuming and requires, inspired, dedicated and talented people, a truly original graphic holds great power. It will attract customers, media and even search engines. But take note, in order to be original you first need to do your own research. Look at your competitors and what they are doing, then branch off to create your own creative genius.

Many brands and companies are setting the standard in the visual content field. Check out some of our worldwide favourites:

J.Crew’s EDMs– Imagery is always bold, bright and simplistic. It also works hand-in-hand with copy. The result? Instant attention.

Frooti’s Social – The design team behind this Indian fruit drink understands the importance of well-placed, bright hues.

Brand identity

Intercom’s Blog – This marketing automation software creates personality within their graphics with a hint of story-telling. It’s intriguing provoking customer curiosity.

Website maintenance

Marvel’s Website – Marvel has a knack of creating graphics that look simple yet express so much. When amalgamated with explanatory copy, they create a cohesive, eye-catching message.

Ecommerce conversion rate optimisation

GIDI’s Animation – This gift-selecting chat bot features a great deal of animated graphics across its digital strategy. Combined with the colour and branding, it’s certainly attention-grabbing.

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