Is a Facebook ecommerce store right for you?

Is facebook store right for you

With over two billion people using Facebook every month, Facebook is fast becoming part of every ecommerce strategy.

But the extent to which you use Facebook will depend on your unique ecommerce business and your product offerings. Facebook stores are the latest handy tool for businesses and marketers, but whether it will bring in returns will depend on a number of factors. Here we discuss some considerations for ecommerce businesses looking to launch a Facebook store.

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A Facebook store could be your answer…

If you haven’t built your website yet

Launching a Facebook store is relatively easy, and in many ways easier than launching your own website. First you’ll need to use an ecommerce builder, which is easier, cheaper and faster than building an ecommerce site, and you can quickly and easily begin selling through Facebook.

If you’re already using Shopify, Wix or Bigcommerce

For retailers who already use an ecommerce platform such as Shopify, Bigcommerce and Wix, a Facebook store will be super-easy to set up, and for this reason, definitely worthwhile. The beauty of online store builders is that they can automatically connect all your products to your Facebook store, and when you need to make updates to products, you can do this through the ecommerce platform alone, rather than double handling on Facebook as well. Also, launching a Facebook store when you already have an ecommerce platform is a low risk move, because even if your audience don’t take to buying through Facebook, you would have spent very few resources setting it up in the first place.

Rethink your Facebook store…

If you haven’t grown your community

Successfully selling products through Facebook relies a lot on your existing community and audience. These are the people who share your posts and like your page. Without a pre-existing facebook community, it will be harder to gain traction for your store, as you may have to pay more for promoting your posts and your page. Therefore, consider what role Facebook will play in your overall strategy. Will it serve to increase brand awareness, (in which case, a business page would suffice), or will it serve to increase sales (in which case, a Facebook store is in order)?

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If you want people buying from your main store

A Facebook store is designed to remove barriers to sale. Therefore, your Facebook store will be doing what it should if your customers are inclined to purchase your product without leaving Facebook. However, a Facebook store can have the adverse effect of confusing your customers, who may be accustomed to visiting your ecommerce site, or who may be unlikely to purchase through Facebook for whatever reason. If you want, or expect, your customers to ultimately end up on your website, then a Facebook store might not be right for you.

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