Lead Database Marketing & Maintenance: The Best Practices

Lead Database Marketing Maintainance The Best Practice

Having a database of your opt-in customers can open up a wide range of opportunities to promote your business. You can send them an email about a new product, SMS them your new offer, advertise to them and their network on social media, or create a killer referral program to build an even greater database.
Many automation platforms allow you to import your current lead database so that you can start the process quickly and effectively. So, where to start if you already have a database but not sure what to do?

The first question is, do you have a clean and accurate database? This is the important first step to maximise the benefits of marketing automation. Many of our clients aren’t aware of the values of a clean and accurate database. So it’s time to start cleaning up your database!

What makes a dirty lead database?

Entering your leads using a spreadsheet is not only time consuming but also leaving a lot of room for human error. Most of the time you need to revisit the spreadsheet to check for duplicate data, and to see if data is entered in their correct fields.

Using an automation software can help you avoid these common mistakes. It also allows you to store all email templates in one place, and send out personalised emails with pre-populated fields such as first name, company name, etc…

How to clean up a dirty lead database?

To improve the quality of your lead database, you should start with creating lists based on predetermined rules. This process can easily be done with most automation platforms.

In SharpSpring, you can create ‘dynamic lists’ from the current and new leads coming from your lead generation magnet, based on their lead scores or interactions with your site. For example, you can notify your sales team to follow up with contacts who recently visited your pricing page, or check out page, without committing to a purchase.

How to build up your lead database from today?

To increase your lead database, or prospects list for your business, consider running a lead generation campaign and a marketing automation software to manage your lead database. Marketing automation offers touch-points to clients or customers that isn’t necessarily sales-driven.

It can help provide better insight and be used to collect specific data to improve future campaigns or communications. For example, by monitoring and analysing your contacts’ digital body language, you can segment the database to send out even more targeted messages that will most likely convert those contacts.