Five Types of Content That Do Well On LinkedIn

Five type of content that do well on linkedin

With so many factors influencing your LinkedIn content performance, it can be hard to know what’s working and what’s not. Is your post performing well because your audience loved the image, or is it getting clicks and likes because it has a killer heading? We’ve gathered research from across the web and distilled it for you here.

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Content with good headings

Marketers have always known that headings play a huge role in persuasion. The same still goes for marketing in the digital age. Posts with good headings get a higher click-through rate (CTR) on LinkedIn. So what makes a heading good or bad? According to the clickers on LinkedIn, a good heading is one that starts with ‘How to’ or indicates a listicle. Other top performers include ‘# ways to…’ and ‘In the world of…’

Content with lots of images

This one may come as a surprise, as LinkedIn is thought of as a business-oriented social networking site, far less image-oriented than sites like facebook, instagram or snapchat. Nevertheless, the more images you have in your post, the better it will perform. Oddly, research shows a spike in likes for articles with 4 or 8 images, but especially 8.

Useful content

People on LinkedIn want to read content that is useful and relevant to them, and this can come in a variety of forms. Content such as articles that provides helpful hints or tips is considered gains plenty of traction, as do articles concerning specific industry news. Get more clicks on your posts by thinking hard about what information your audience will find useful and write articles accordingly.

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Long form content

Long form LinkedIn content is any article over the standard 400 words. Content doesn’t have to be long-form to perform well on LinkedIn, however, super-long it does tend to perform better. According to research by Okdork, there isn’t much different in CTR or likes between articles of 0-1500 words, but there is a huge spike in engagement of articles around 1800-2000 words. Whether long form gets more engagement has to do with the length, or perhaps that long articles might be better-thought out than mosts posts, or they have so many words in them that something is bound to prove useful, is unclear.

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Content that is neutral on the positivity-scale

LinkedIn audiences tend to be more interested in posts that are neutral in tone, rather than positive or negative. That is to say, A post entitled, ‘How To Boost Your Click-Through Rate On LinkedIn’ is going to perform better than a post that is either contentious or uplifting.

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