The discovery phase forms the building blocks of every project and sets our partnership up for success.

discovery workshops.

Discovery / Stakeholder Requirements / Audience & Business Objectives / Body of Work / Discovery Presentation

Let’s take a deep dive to pinpoint the essence of your brand and what you want your business to achieve. We’ll bring together existing programs and initiatives, stakeholder input, customer research and industry trends in an interactive – and engaging – meeting.

Understanding your goals

We don’t take a step back to gain an understanding of your brand – we throw ourselves right in alongside you, working collaboratively until we know your brand inside and out.

This doesn’t just accelerate the strategic process, but puts us on the same page throughout our relationship and empowers us to champion your brand.

What we will cover

— What are you looking to achieve?
— What does success look like?
— How will we measure this?
— What’s standing in the way of success?
— What are our obstacles?
— What’s a realistic budget and timeframe for the project?

Outcomes & next steps

At the end of the process, we will put together a presentation for you to present back to your wider team. Not only a summary of what we’ve discussed in the workshop, this will also include recommendations on next steps.

The outcome at the end of all this? A clear understanding of where your brand has been – and a clear vision for where we’re headed next whether it be a new brand identity, website, ecommerce or growth campaign.

Where we’re going we don’t need roads. Just roadmaps.
Let’s talk