5 Tips To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

5 Tip To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

You’ve worked so hard on your landing page. You’ve spent hours crafting the copy, and you’ve spent a lot of money on getting your brand images on point – you think you’re looking fiiiine. But for some reason, your landing page conversion rate is too low and you don’t understand why.

Don’t worry, we’ve been there. From our personal experience creating and testing landing pages for ourselves and our clients, we’ve come up with the top 5 tips to increase your landing page conversion rate.

1 – Pay attention to typography & use white space

Designers are going to feel incredibly smug right now, but marketers need to play close attention as well. All of that typography stuff your designer warned you about? They were right.

Firstly, according to many studies on readability, small margins were good for one thing – making people read faster. But if people are skim-reading they won’t pay attention to the content which complements your call-to-actions.

The problem of small margins is that they also dramatically cut down reading comprehension, and everybody knows that an effective landing page is one that gets it’s message across clearly and has a message which is easy to understand. Another important point is having a strong font-to-background contrast, so your content is easy to read and memorable.

2 – Ask for less on your sign-up form

You need to choose the questions you have on your landing page sign-up forms carefully. Each question must have a purpose. Most of the time you”ll only need a name, email, and probably a single demographic defining question to help you segment your contacts for future email campaigns. The best way to this is to add a drop down list so visitors can quickly select from a list – time is of the essence.

Long sign-up forms on desktop browsers are off putting, but on a mobile phone where everything is magnified, people will probably click away before filling out the form. People hate filling out forms. In the worst case scenario they could get annoyed at your brand and all of your future re-marketing efforts will be wasted. You can nurture your leads to ask for more information later on. Make a good first impression, keep it simple.

However, this all depends on your offer. If your lead magnet is so great that you’ll need the prospects to give away more information to quality them, then ask for more! Another smart approach is to use double opt-in landing page. Collect sufficient information on the first form, and once the lead reaches your thank-you page, ask them to give away more information otherwise they’ll miss out on your another-amazing-lead-magnet.

3 – Calm down with your call-to-actions (CTAs)

Many of our clients ask to have more than one CTA to increase the chance of landing page conversion – surely more buttons means more clicks? In reality, more than one CTA will dilute the message and confuse readers.

A great landing page promotes one CTA and one CTA only. If your landing page has more than one call-to-action and directs people in opposite directions, they might just give up altogether. Put your other offer in your back pocket for later, or simply create separate landing pages for each offer, so you can test which one takes people over the line. Put your best effort into promoting one CTA per landing page and make sure that your message promotes just one course of action – don’t give people decisions to make.

4 – Get faster – as speed is the silent killer of landing page conversion

We all get it. Fast pages bring your content to your audience faster, which obviously increases your conversion rate.

But do you really know how badly a slow page can kill your conversions? Kissmetrics discovered that about 25 percent of users will leave a page if it takes four seconds to load, and that percentage keeps increasing with every second your page takes to load. You need to kill the clutter and remove unnecessary images/features/scripts on your site and only use the essential elements in order to speed up your site and increase your landing page conversions.

5 – Stick to the story

Have you ever clicked on an ad and then been directed to a page that had absolutely nothing to do with what the ad was promoting? You might use a lot of bells and whistles to increase the click through rate for your ads, but you need to make sure your landing pages can provide that content and more.