Web Design Trends in 2018

Web Design Trends in 2018

Designers are finally breaking free.

Thanks to technology getting more awesome in 2018, web designers are finally able to do all that they’ve been burning to do since the internet’s inception. Check out these web design trends to see what our newly liberated designers are getting up to.

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Saturated Colours

2018 sees our best monitors and device screens yet, and designers are no longer bound by ‘web safe’ colour schemes. This year’s web design is full of vibrate saturated colour – a visual feast for end users and a great opportunity for brands to set themself apart. We’re loving ballsy, high contrast colour schemes in 2018.

Mobile first

Here again, technological awesomeness is driving web design trends. There was once a time when designers pondered how on earth they were going to get a decent menu and submenu to fit a mobile screens, while today, UX design principles have solved these problems. Designers are ditching large high-res photos and making use of stylised icons that users can easily ‘read’.

Custom fonts

Thanks to device resolutions becoming sharper, designers can finally draw on an ancient and time-honoured visual tool. Custom fonts are eye catching, exciting and sustain interest on the content of a website. Bold typography can finally make a come back from the annals of print advertising, now reborn in the digital age.


Asymmetry is rocking our socks in 2018, and it’s not hard to see why. ‘Broken’ layouts and unconventional designs deviate from your traditional grids and offer another way for brands to stand out. Not for everyone, asymmetry is a brave and distinctive principle we know we’ll be experimenting with in the coming year.

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With every man and his laptop starting their own website these days, brands are finding it harder and harder to differentiate themselves. Illustration is proving popular in 2018 because it promotes brand recognition while at the same time offering friendly and accessible design elements that users love. Custom illustrations are full of personality, perfect for presenting product and services that might be more on the dry and technical side.


Remember the days when animation caused websites to take forever to load? Forget that pain in the arse in 2018. Integrated animations can now do their thing while pages are loading, or show interesting hover states from a link. Lite animations can bring interest to website through scrolling and navigation, engaging and engrossing users more than ever before.

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