Brownie’s Mattress Direct

eCommerce design & development

A family-owned bedding manufacturer with 6 stores around New Zealand needed a WooCommerce platform designed and built to scale.


– 42.2% Bounce rate
– 39.2% Page load time
+ 71% Avg. time on site
+ 83% Conversion Rate


Prior to 2018, Brownie’s Mattress Direct didn’t have a website, let alone eCommerce. Since then with an initial launch and a further evolved platform launched in 2020, we have been able to continue to grow Brownie’s digital presence and turn eCommerce revenue into a serious and fast growing channel for the business.

With a focus on ease of search, education and allowing the same level of customisation customers would receive in-store, continued customer feedback and praise has allowed us to dramatically increase the conversion rate of the website.

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