7 Reasons To Use Marketing Automation

7 Reason To Use Marketing Automation

Consider whether marketing automation is for you…
Do you want to increase enquiries about your business? Are you uncertain about where to start and relying on social media that doesn’t quite hit the mark?
Do you want to build a database of prospects, segment them into groups based on behaviour and start sending out tailored content?
Do you have a large database but don’t know how to segment them?
Do you have a database of current clients but haven’t had an email strategy to create more sales from those leads?

Marketing automation, when supported by the right lead generation magnet, will help you answer those questions. Here are the 7 reasons you should consider using it.

1 – Save time with Marketing Automation

Multiple campaigns can be scheduled way ahead of time and released as per your own settings. As a result, you have more time for other tasks. But before that, you will need to make educated guesses about the type of content your contacts may respond to. If you haven’t got a database, lead generation strategies will help you create some new, hot prospects. Automation then comes afterwards to nurture the relationship with these prospects and convert them into customers.

2 – Efficiency

Lead generation, along with marketing automation, can provide a streamlined automatic alternative to traditionally manual processes. Once everything is set up and tested, time and labour can be reduced; positive results can be seen fast. For example, you can send special offers to hot leads, send out specific emails depending on contact lead scores. Your sales team can receive a notification email when a contact visits a pricing page or fills out a form on your website.

3 – CRM integration

Integrating with your current CRM ensures leads don’t disappear off the radar after a couple of unsuccessful contacts. However, paying for both CRM and automation software can be a huge investment. If you don’t have enough budget to run both systems, make sure you select an automation software that provides the benefits of both a CRM and automation.

4 – Data collection

Automatic marketing offers a touch-point to clients or customers that aren’t necessarily sales-driven. It can help provide better insight and be used to collect specific data to improve future campaigns or communications. (e.g. Segmenting the database to send out even more targeted messages).

5 – Multi-channel management

In the past, it may have been simple to manage a single email channel, but now with a saturation of social media channels, it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all of them. Marketing automation software (such as SharpSpring) can help you keep tabs on any channel (including your Google AdWords campaigns). You can now discover which aspects of your marketing spend is actually producing results!

6 – Consistency

Incorporating all your marketing efforts in one process can help maintain a uniform tone-of-voice for your brand. You can easily set reminders for your sales team to call certain contacts, log the call details. Now everyone is aware of what’s happening with that contact.

7 – Personalisation

Automation helps tailor the experience to the user. You can create a unique and more inviting experience that’s entirely relevant. Personalised marketing will more likely lead to conversion. Your in-house copywriter, or your agency, can ensure the messages are relevant. You must also proof all the content, A/B test emails using different subject headlines, titles, etc… Learn, do, learn, improve will be your best approach when it comes to automation.