MVP Design and Investment

MVP Design

You’ve got a f*ckin brilliant idea for a digital product or app, but don’t have the technical know-how or capital to get started? We’re dreamers too, The Natives™ began from a dream like yours. So we offer a unique service to get independent and innovative new products out into a new world. Our team of strategists and designers have established start-ups and re-established businesses by helping them create an MVP. Get your idea out there, tested and invested in.

Strategically place your product

The Natives™ Discovery Workshop is designed to understand where your new product or MVP can grow in a new world. We study your target audience, analysing their buying behaviours, and obstacles to purchase. We speak to real people and ask them where they’d spend their money, why, and how much.

Business & Revenue Models

From Discovery we assess and structure the sustainability of your idea, in terms, the bank will understand. Preliminary business and revenue models help you determine whether the time is right to further develop your idea.

Rapid Prototyping

We create design prototypes of your product, getting a feel for the real thing as well as collating feedback from your audience. We’ll identify challenges with design and development early on, and help you identify the costs involved.

User Feedback

It’s time to get your design in front of your customer’s eyes. We’ll get feedback from your users to ensure that your product design’s first impression is a good one, and that the user journey is a cohesive experience from start to finish.

Investment Deck

We are able to help you create an investment or presentation deck that brings everything together. With support from The Natives™ tell a story that, highlights the problem your product is fixing, the size of the market, your point of difference from competition and the opportunity.

MVP Development

With larger and more complex projects we recommend a specialised development production agency who’re primed to reduce time and costs while developing your application or digital product. Once we have a tangible product, we continue to refine the design and overall strategy until we’re ready to launch.