JG King Homes

Custom website design & development

One of Victoria’s premiere volume home builders was looking for a future proof custom website to inspire, educate and win new customers.


– 42.2% Bounce ratern
– 39.2% Page load timern
+ 71% Avg. time on sitern
+ 83% Conversion Rate


JG King desperately needed a revamp of its website which, at that point in time, had virtually no digital presence and no visibility over its traffic, enquiries and bounce rate. Its main focus was to increase engagement and drive enquiries.

Our main focus was three-fold. We wanted to increase engagement, traffic and enquiries; enhance usability; and set JG King apart from their competitors.

The JG King website user interface was not very user-friendly. We not only wanted to improve usability for the customers but also make it easier for the client to update and modify the website themselves.

We didn’t want to deliver a website similar to that of its competitors, we wanted to push the boundaries and give JG King a competitive advantage. Using new technologies and thinking to set JG King apart from its competitors.

Built on CraftCMS and deeply integrated with Salesforce, JG King Homes now have a substantial digital platform to continue to grow from.

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